© BlackMountain - HandMade 100% Wool Socks - "Natural Red"


© BlackMountain - HandMade 100% Wool Socks - "Natural Red"

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Details about this product:

Our Originals Collection includes the BlackMountain 100% Wool Socks. For decades these socks are knitted by hand. The socks are meant for every occasion. Whether for outdoor sports, hunting, the military, construction site workers or just sitting at home with a cup of tee in front of the fireplace. Thin & comfortable to wear. A variety of different colours. A beautiful original design made by hand knitting technique. Browse for more available color designs below, men & woman in unisex design!

  • The Originals: BlackMountain Wool Sock
  • Composition of 100% natural sheep wool
  • Complete HandMade production
    • Available in all Sizes: S: 36-38, M: 39-42, L: 43-45

     The advantage of 100% Wool Socks:

    Wool is similar to a horn fabric human hair that contains lanolin. It is a natural ointment that protects wool, and positive for several reasons affects our body. Lanolin is used in medicine for centuries to manufacture anti-rheumatic & common used skin care creams. One of its most important properties is that it is resistant to bacteria, because it contains certain amino acids, which do not allow them to survive. Wool fiber act on receptors in the skin and speed up the recovery process and pain relief.

    But above all, the material is known for it to store the heat particularly well! 


    When you put it on for the first time, you will get a slightly scratchy feeling on your feet. It is because the socks have not been processed with artificial additives in order to remain exactly 100% pure. This feeling should be the exactly like that at the beginning, as your feet have to get used to it. Please do not combine the BlackMountain Wool Sock with a thin normal sock below! This is a No-Go! The effect of the sock only comes into play with bare feet! The air circulation is the reason why your feet don't stink and sweat! This is a necessity to keep your feet warm on every occasion!

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